Why do dogs cry


Dogs are very social animals, which means they suffer from what is known as separation anxiety.

Why do dogs cry

Life is busy and fast pace most of the time. It makes us spend a few moments of the day with our dogs, so sometimes they get very sad and start crying, but what is the secret behind this strange and wondrous behavior, why does your dog cry when you leave?

Dogs are very social, which is why they usually don't deal well with loneliness so they start to cry. They can also develop aggressive behaviors, with a tendency to damage the home.

Does loneliness affect dogs?

Dogs are like other pets, so they are like humans too
Sometimes lonely and lonely, but you don't like to be in it too much, most people don't like to stay

 On their own all the time, as well as pets in general, including dogs in particular. The lack of free time we have reduces the time we spend with our dogs. Which ultimately leads to negative, physical, and psychological consequences for your dog.

If your dog cries when leaving, it may be one of the surest reasons for constant exposure to loneliness in the home.

Be one of the sure reasons for the constant exposure to loneliness at home. Its owner, including aggressiveness, destructive behavior, repetitive movements, wailing, and barking

Continuous crying is one of the most common ways dogs express their feelings. It is very important to differentiate between feeling anxious and feeling lonely or separated, the dog's feeling of separation comes when the dog himself feels that he is close to death.

Why does the dog cry when leaving 

Dogs are like their ancestor's wolves, and as we agreed before that dogs are social animals that live

Generally in groups even when in a home environment, they cannot separate themselves from this instinct, so they adopt it as part of their social circle. So the dog cries when he feels that you are leaving and when he becomes completely alone, and this is a normal result of grief, and in very extreme cases, he suffers from separation anxiety and receives the potential shocks resulting from the pain of separation. It is possible that the dog has been separated in the past, which makes it erratic in behavior, and abandoned puppies often face a difficult time before being adopted, so her fear of recurring loneliness again makes her nervous in the absence of those who are accustomed to their presence next to her.

Does your dog feel afraid 

The feeling of fear stimulates incomprehensible behaviors in dogs, including crying, and the dog feels threatened and in danger, and this activates the state of alertness in dogs, which leads to the love of destroying things and crying. This state of anxiety cannot be controlled by dogs, and this is very normal for dogs who live in homes over dogs that live in the wild and follow the way of living in herds.

At least 20% of dogs suffer from the same thing and feel the same, and if we do not pay attention to this feeling of change in their behavior, the dog may end up in a miserable and sad state forever.

Tips to stop your dog from crying 

The first thing that makes the dog feel safe is the environment in which he lives. If this environment is comfortable, warm, and calm, it may help the dog to feel safe. The place to sleep, the dog must feel that you care about him and the attention here is not through playing only, but by paying attention to the smallest details, including the place to sleep.

Also, leave the radio on so that the dog does not feel absolute silence. Walking. The time you spend walking with your dog is one of the most important times for the dog, especially before leaving.

Physical exercise has a positive effect in this matter as the dog after physical exercise will need to sleep and will sleep while you are gone, if you are going for a long time and do not forget to feed him well after physical activity, to avoid stomach fluctuations as a result of feeling hungry until you return to him.

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