Why Does My Dog Love Sniffing My Crotch


You may have passed by at some point and seen a group of dogs sniffing at each other, and it is also possible that a dog approaches you and starts to smell you. But it does smell a certain part of your body, and you may feel ashamed or upset, and you may ask yourself why he did that, and why dogs like to smell their genitals.

Rest assured that after what you will learn about in this article, you will never feel ashamed or upset again. But you shouldn't feel sorry for that, it happens to everyone. This happens for a very simple and interesting reason, which many do not know and think that they do for another reason.

Why do dogs like to sniff their genitals

This action should be noted by dogs due to their great sense of smell.
 The main reason

The reason why dogs want to smell anything is the same reason they do when they sniff their butts

her gender. But what does this mean? Why Does My Dog Love Sniffing My Crotch  But what does this mean?

The reason for this is the human body usually excretes particles of sweat through the skin

But dogs look for a specific smell of sweat, which is the smell that gives them information. Yes, indeed, this is the way dogs follow to obtain information about who they are with, whether it is their breeder or their gender. From a scientific point of view, the epidermis of the skin is made up of two types of glands, which are responsible for the secretion of sweat.

 And do not forget that the main component behind loving that is the smell, the smell in general and not just the smell of sweat, because the smell is what pets the dog’s personality, and speaking of these glands, these glands secrete that smell and spread throughout the body, including those located in more areas Specifically, such as the areola, armpits, and genitals. 


What do you know about pheromones?

Pheromones are secreted in sensitive areas of the human body.
 It is strange that

Dogs can translate these secretions into information so this is how they…
Dogs communicate with each other and with humans as well. Pheromones are secreted in sensitive areas of the human body. Surprisingly, dogs can translate these secretions into information, so this is how dogs communicate with each other and with humans as well.

 What information do dogs extract from smelling the genitals thanks to these pheromones, any dog ​​will have the ability to find and discover what you ate on that day if you are a man or a woman, and thanks to these pheromones, dogs can understand your mood, or if you feel sick, for example .

Only in this way, new puppies will get to know you without problems and better. So your genitals will be the first thing that they get to know and this is the first way to build trust between you and your dog, and in the end don't feel embarrassed when this happens, because it is a completely normal situation.


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