Causes of swollen paws of dogs' feet


The feet of dogs are among the most important elements indicative of a dog’s health and the extent of the care and attention that this dog receives, and at the same time, no matter what the level of attention and care is, the organism remains subject to changes, which may be understandable and may not be understood, for example, swelling of the paws Dogs, swelling of the feet of dogs, and swelling of the feet of dogs is a reason for repeated medical consultations, and we must be aware that the reasons that can result in swelling of the paws of dogs are multiple, and they can be related to a change in different organs, systems or systems, and analyzing the way the swelling appears will help you And its development in identifying and diagnosing the most appropriate treatment.

Causes of swollen paws of dogs' feet 

Dog paw swollen red between toes treatment

The causes that can cause swelling in the paws of the feet of dogs are many and multiple and can be related to the organs, systems, and operating systems of the body, so we will try to collect the main causes of swelling in the paws of the feet of dogs.

Heart failure, heart failure, the right part of the heart in particular, lung stenosis, and so on can occur due to the accumulation of blood in the venous system.

Liver failure. When the liver does not function properly, the liver cannot produce enough albumin, and thus levels of the protein in the blood drop.    

Poor nutrition, dog paws can be swollen as a result of malnutrition, as diets that do not have an appropriate level of protein are dangerous to the dog's health.

Diseases of the digestive system, among the serious diseases that cause swelling of the paws of dogs’ feet are diseases digestive system, as this leads to a decrease in the absorption of proteins at the level of the intestine, for example, severe parasites or malignant tumors, and diseases that lead to protein loss through the digestive system such as Inflammatory bowel disease or inflammatory bowel disease. All of these things are among the causes of swelling in the paws of dogs' feet.

Changes that occur in the walls of blood vessels

When the walls of blood cells, which are the cells that make up the walls of blood vessels, are damaged, an outflow of blood occurs, and this change can occur in the walls of blood vessels due to chemical irritation, bacterial toxins, viruses, reptile toxins, especially snakes, and lack of oxygen, and this is one of the reasons that naturally leads to Swollen paws of dogs feet.


Arthritis is an inflammatory process that severely affects the joints, resulting in swelling of the paws of the feet of dogs, arthritis specifically affects the articular cartilage and the synovial membrane, and it is possible for arthritis to occur due to pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria and mycoplasma, or to have an origin It is not contagious, as is the case with rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune arthritis associated with chronic inflammation or tumors.

Skeletal growth

There are also skeletal growth diseases that can cause thickening of the limbs, one of the most important of which is osteopathy.

It is a disease that affects puppies between the ages of 3 and 7 months, of large breeds and is usually associated with poor feeding in puppies due to overfeeding, excessive protein, or calcium, although it also appears to be associated with quadruple immunization and tuberculosis virus infection...

Symptoms of swollen paws of dogs feet

In this part we will talk in general about the different causes that can cause swelling in the paws of the feet of dogs, however, in each process, the swelling develops differently.

And it is usual for more than one limb to be affected. In these cases, swelling begins in the distant regions of the extremities, the furthest part of the trunk, and progresses to the proximal part, the part closest to the trunk. In addition, we will notice that when the affected tissue is compressed firmly with the finger, a depression known as the fossa occurs that lasts for a few seconds after the finger is removed. 

In the case of bone tumors, trauma, and fractures: swelling of the affected limb is observed only

In the case of local inflammatory processes: such as cysts or adenomas, a localized swelling like a node is noted.

How do you treat an infected toe on a dog?

Unfortunately, many of the causes that can lead to swollen paws in dogs cannot be prevented, such as tumors, allergies, or immune processes, however, other diseases occur with this sign, which can be avoided by observing a series of preventive measures.

Maintaining the schedule of vaccination and deworming: By using this simple preventive measure, all infectious and parasitic causes that can be associated with the emergence of tumors in the paws of dogs can be avoided. Check the dog's vaccination schedule. 

Diet: As we explained before, malnutrition can cause health problems that result in swollen paws, and on the contrary, overfeeding in puppies can cause growth diseases that also cause swollen paws, so it is necessary to provide a diet Balanced according to the needs of each dog.

Medical examination: Through medical examination, it is possible to detect some of the diseases that we described in this article early, even before they cause swollen paws in dogs.

How can I soothe my dogs red paws?

As we explained in this article, several reasons can cause swelling of the paws the legs of dogs. Some of them are associated with mild operations and are resolved on their own or by treating the accompanying symptoms.

However, other operations can become serious and life-threatening for the dog. Therefore, we strongly advise that when you discover that your dog's feet have been swollen, it is important to go to a trusted vet using the correct diagnosis protocol, in which case you will be able to determine the cause of this swelling and determine the treatment Appropriate for swollen paws, according to what I found from the causes.

This article is informational only at We do not have the authority to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis We invite you to take your pet to the vet if he or she experiences any kind of condition or discomfort Greetings dog

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