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The English Bull Terrier is a medium-sized breed, and this breed is known for being compact and muscular, with pure white, brown, black, or spotted fur.

How was the Bull Terrier created?

It was at the beginning of the nineteenth century that the Bull Terrier was developed to meet the needs of insect control and dogfighting sports, the most famous of which was the Old English bulldog (now extinct) and the Old English species with other species.

This new breed combined the speed and versatility of a burly and persistent species. James Hinks was the first to develop this strain and that was in 1862.

Are English Bull Terriers good family dogs? 

The English Bull Terrier is a medium-sized breed, and this breed is known for being compact and muscular, with pure white, brown, black, or spotted fur. It also has an elongated nose without depressions.

 Their eyes are always dark black and somewhat brownish, in proportion to the head. The ear is triangular. The figure is elongated and erects with a compressed and generally very muscular body and a tail of medium size.

Height between 45 cm and 55 cm
Weight ranges from 25 kg to 45 kg and males are larger 

and heavier than females

Short and soft hair, soft to the touch. It is usually white, 

bluish, black, or brown

A familiar and affectionate personality, stubborn and willful

Estimated life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years

The English bull terrier dog is easy to tame and is characterized as 

being affectionate.

  But he does not trust strangers much, and you will notice that in the house he will be a family member, he loves to play and have fun and also get a great deal of attention, and the Bull Terrier dog likes to be part of the family in all activities.

 Although the bull terrier dog has a fun family personality, we
  We must be careful with children, because this type of dog, especially Bull Terrier, does not understand well the meaning of fun with children.

 This type of dog is very intelligent, and despite that, the bull terrier dog is one of the dogs that adapt to the current situation, so it is highly recommended to adopt Paul when he is Puppy.

The quality Bull Terrier dogs only love to deal with other dogs that respect him, otherwise, he will become very aggressive, so we stress that the Bull Terrier dog and insist that Paul does not like sudden strikes or movements because he will react badly to them, Therefore, it is recommended to teach him to control himself from an early age.

Are Bull Terriers hard to take care of ? 

Although the bull terrier dog is very strong and muscular, it is highly recommended during the winter season and cold seasons, in general, to wear a warm dress because the layer of hair that Paul wears is considered a very weak and delicate layer and of course it will not protect him completely, in the winter season Freezing or when it snows.

On the other hand, the Bull Terrier does not need much care for its hair, and it is sufficient to comb it occasionally only, to remove dead hair and prevent its knots only, and by the way, a lot of dirt that may be stuck to it is also removed.

Although it is a wonderful guard dog, it is recommended that the bull terrier dog live indoors because loneliness is never in keeping with the Bull Terrier's lifestyle and lifestyle, it is a very family dog.

And we must take good care of the dog Bull Terrier's diet to prevent him from excessively gaining weight, because the bull terrier dog is very voracious, and it is also recommended to follow a diet based on fresh natural products, although we can also choose artificial grain-free foods.

Unfortunately, this breed of dog is a bull terrier dog breed that is very prepared to suffer from various diseases, some of which are inherited and some of which are genetic, so caring for the health of the Paul Terrier dog is very dangerous and it is recommended to implement the strict vaccination schedule, which is mandatory. This is in addition to regular veterinary examinations.

Do Bull Terriers bite ?

There is a lot of debate about whether the English Bull Terrier breed is dangerous or not, and therefore whether it requires a special license to obtain or not.

Some countries have classified the English Bull Terrier as a potentially dangerous dog, so we recommend that you check your country's rules.

Are bull terriers illegal?

As we mentioned previously, there is a possibility that the Bull Terrier breed is banned in some countries, for example.

United States of America




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