Why do dogs attack humans for no reason


 Statistics from the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, confirms that more than 6 million dogs are abandoned every year in the United States alone, and the main reason behind this is one of the following:

Which we will show you on DOG 57.

Aggression is what a dog can develop towards other people or dogs.
Many people who have dogs have suffered from an attack at some time, and the level of dogs may attack humans without reason to a tragic end by all standards, the question here is have you ever been attacked by a dog before, have you seen a dog that was playing quietly He was attacked by another dog for no apparent reason, this is aggressive. 

aggressive dog

Dogs that attack humans for no reason are known as aggressive dogs, and it can be noted that aggressive dogs show aggression through a variety of different behaviors and habits, we notice two types of aggression, offensive aggression, and defensive aggression.

The age of the dog, because the younger the aggressive dog is, the more difficult it is to predict its attacks and the things that the aggressive dog may react to, as well as the stimuli or circumstances that make the aggressive dog provoke aggressive behavior, and from here we must know, Why do dogs attack humans for no reason?

Dog aggressive behavior or aggressive attacks are those that we should try to correct, and this aggressive behavior is controlled by a part of the brain that regulates feelings, memory, hunger, sexual instincts and other factors that affect the dog's aggressive behavior and also affect the look and feel of this aggression, including these factors are environment, smell, hearing, sight, and pheromones.

Also, do not forget about the method of learning or the method of training in childhood and previous learning methods, the socialization of the dog as a puppy, and the experiences it has had throughout its life, which is one of the things to pay attention to.

Many studies also show that there is a basis and a genetic factor for this aggression and that each breed has a different way of showing its aggressive behavior, which means that the aggressive behavior of the dog is not limited only to breeds known for its ferocity, meaning that the aggressive behavior is not only found in those that are considered "dogs of potentially dangerous."

A recent study in Golden Retrievers showed that aggression is genetic in 80% of aggressive cases, for example, aggression associated with males in the breeding season.

To date, there is no reliable standard for measuring aggression and the best information comes from people who live with dogs and have experienced aggressive situations in real life, although there is a significant and clear genetic contribution to the level of dog aggression, the environment also plays a large role as 'nurture aggressive A good socialization of the dog is critical in order to avoid aggressive behavior problems.

What is the treatment for aggressiveness in dogs

First of all, we must know that when we encounter problems with aggressive dogs, we must go to a specialist who can apply the safest and most effective method to the aggressive dog, as well as to the people who live with it, since the treatment Of aggressive behavior may include a range of behavior modification techniques and sometimes Medical intervention is required through drug therapy or surgical intervention such as (castration) or (sterilization).

And we must know that each case has its own independent personality and expresses uniqueness, and the success of treatment varies according to the diagnosis and according to its ability, motives, readiness, and the ability to treat, so the dog must be retrained individually aggressive, and behavior modification is a useful tool for dogs that provoke aggressive reactions.

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