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Despite being a small dog, it is considered a Molossus, that is, it has a muscular build, a large head, a short snout, and a powerful jaw, although it does not cease to be an excellent companion animal it ranks among the 30 most popular breeds In the world.  

With all of these characteristics, you may have decided that this is the best dog you can choose to accompany you, which is why in this DOG 57 article we talk about caring for a Pug or Pug. 

pug dog training. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, the pug has a very muscular structure and physical exercise will be necessary to maintain it, however, physical activity must always be adapted to the characteristics of each dog. 

A Pug or Pug is not an easily irritable dog, but that doesn't mean he isn't energetic, so a good way to channel that energy is by offering him at least twice a day walks where he also has a chance to play because you will have fun and enrich your day immensely. We can teach him to fetch the ball, take him swimming, or play intelligence games, for example. 

However, due to its short snout, the dog can have breathing difficulties, therefore, the moment we notice any symptoms that indicate that our dog begins to get tired and cannot breathe well, physical exercise should be interrupted. We will also be taking precautions in the face of extreme heat. 

The best supplement to physical exercise should be a good quality diet, whether we choose a natural or forage-based diet, we must be very clear that a dog cannot be fed too much, as they love to eat and can easily become overweight. 

pug dog care 

The dog or pug has a short and smooth coat, which makes caring for it very easy, allowing our dog to look radiant, however, we should not confuse ease of maintenance with the fact that we do not have to do any care. 

This dog's coat should be brushed regularly, preferably with a rubber brush, and we'll finish brushing it gently with a bristle brush. In times of shedding, we will see that our dog is leaving more hair and it will be necessary to increase the frequency of brushing. 

This habit not only takes care of our dog's hair and helps us detect parasites, but also helps us get used to the handling, which is essential for these dogs that can sometimes be rather stubborn and stubborn. 

We recommend bathing this dog only when necessary and will use specific, appropriate dog hygiene products. However, it will also be necessary to do this when it gets dirty and smells bad.

And the most important thing is to dry after the bath because the dog does not tolerate temperature changes well, so after a bath, with warm water, it must be dried very carefully to prevent it from getting cold.

It is important to pay close attention to the skin folds of your face and body, which retain moisture more easily, so you will need to dry more thoroughly to prevent the appearance of fungi and the spread of bacteria.

The pleats specifically can hold more dirt, so we'll check and clean them when necessary, and dry them well when you're done.

Regular veterinary care for a healthy dog 

The life expectancy of a pug or pug dog is between 13 and 15 years, although to reach this long life and enjoy a good quality of life, good veterinary care will be essential. We are not only talking about following a regular vaccination or deworming program for the dog, but also for spotting any disorder that may be present early on.

Presenting a short snout, a pug or pug dog has a certain predisposition to many changes in the respiratory system and is also prone to allergies and skin disorders, such as allergies and dermatitis. Regular visits to the vet are very important to manage this preparedness and act on time against any change that may arise.


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