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Terrier is the general name for a group of dog breeds that share a common ancestry, but have so diverse physical characteristics that in some cases it is difficult to believe they are related to one another. Terriers are usually small or medium-sized, and they usually have a restless and assertive character. Most of these breeds originated in Great Britain, but dogs are found from different parts of the world.

The word "burrow" (in French) is derived from the Latin word "terra", which means "land". These dogs are named along with this term because they were mainly used to hunt animals that burrowed underground. While all breeds in this group have the word "terrier" in their names, not all breeds bearing this term belong to the FCI group 3, which aims to group terrier-type dog breeds. For example, the Russian black dog belongs to the group of pincher and schnauzer dogs (group 2).

On the other hand, not all dogs that hunt underground are called canine dogs. For example, dachshunds (commonly known as dachshunds) are also burrowing hounds. Keep reading the DOG57 article and find out what terrier dog breeds are.

dog uses

The primary use of these dogs in ancient times was to hunt burrowing animals such as foxes, rabbits, rats, badgers, and badgers. In the nineteenth century, burrow dogs were also used for a cruel and risky practice from a health point of view: competitions in which the dog had to kill mice. A dog was simply released into a hole containing rats, and the winner was the dog that killed the most rats in the least possible time.

Years later, dogs were included in the cruel and bloodthirsty practice of dogfighting. The organizers of these fights were looking for dogs more agile than the dogs they used, which is why they decided to make crosses between these dogs and some dogs. This way they ensure greater agility without losing the fighting character and courage of their fighting dogs. The result of these crosses gave the ancestors of the current bull and other dogs of the "bull" type.

Today, terriers are used primarily as companion dogs, although they are still used as small hunting dogs in some places. However, blood show strains tend to have slightly different characteristics than working lines, which makes them ineffective for these purposes. In general, the latitudes are a bit larger and bulkier, which makes it difficult for them to enter and maneuver into burrows.

Terriers are sometimes used as guard and defense dogs, but most breeds in this group are not large enough to be protection dogs. The exception to this rule is the Airedale terrier, whose height at the withers is about 60 cm and can be a fierce defender and fighter.

types of terrier dogs

Depending on the source you're looking at or the dog community used as a reference, you can find different classifications of terrier dogs. However, according to the classification of the International Film Federation (FCI), dogs are classified into four main types: large, medium-sized, small, "bull" type, and companion.

However, other dog breeds have the term "terrier" in their names, but due to their physical characteristics, they do not fit well into the third group of the FCI classification, and therefore are included in other groups.

Thus, taking into account all the breeds recognized by the FCI that have the word "terrier" in their names, five types of terrier dogs are recognized:

Large and medium-sized dogs
small terrier dogs
dog terrier companion
Other terrier dogs

Medium and large dog breeds

It's big or medium but not very big at all. The largest subspecies of this type of terrier dog, and most of all, is the Airedale, which reaches a maximum size of 61 cm at withers.

Dogs of this type can be used as small toy dogs and as useful dogs. The Airedale Terrier adapts very well to different dog training methods and is large enough to perform the functions of protection, guard, guide dog, assistance dog, search and rescue dog, and more.

Terrier dog breeds of this type are the following:

Airedale terrier

Bedlington terrier

border terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier (Smooth Fox Terrier)

Fox Terrier Wire

Irish Wolverine for Imaal terrier

soft Irish wheat terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

Manchester terrier

Parson Russell Terrier

Brazilian terrier

German Hound 

welsh terrier (welsh terrier)

Small dog breeds

They are small dogs originally used to catch insects. Although they are small dogs, they are not brooder or companion dogs, but very resistant and active animals that need a lot of exercises.

Terrier dog breeds of this type are:

Dandy Dinmont Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Norfolk Jarir
Norwich Jarir
Scotty Terrier
Silly pork terrier
sky terrier
Australian terrier
Czech terrier
Japanese terrier
West Highland white terrier 

Bull terrier dog breeds

They are mollusks and their origin is related to cattle and fighting dogs. Although easily intimidating in appearance, they are not usually good guard or defense dogs, as they tend to be very social, playful, and affectionate dogs.
Terrier dog breeds of this type are:

round tart
Staffordshire bull terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
American Bull Terrier (not FCI recognized)

Companion dog breeds

They are the smallest terrier dogs, and although they meet the characteristics of belonging to this group, they are no longer used for hunting burrowing animals. Its main job today is as a pet. They are excellent for families with older children who know how to properly respect animals. Due to their small size, these breeds are not suitable for families with very young children.

The dog breeds that belong to this type of dog are:
Australian silky terrier
Black and Violet English Terrier (English Terrier)
Yorkshire terrier

Other breeds of terrier dogs

These are dog breeds with the name terrier but due to their characteristics, they do not fit into the dog group, but with other groups of the FCI classification. In total, we distinguish three breeds, two of which are considered companion dogs and the rest are pincher and schnauzer dogs.

Tibetan Terrier (companion dog)
Boston Terrier (companion dog)
Black Russian terrier or Tchiorny terrier (Pincher and Schnauzer type dog)

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