Top 5 Smallest Dog Breeds In The World


Small dogs tend to be loved by just about everyone: they are gentle and comfortable to own and usually require less space or exercise than large dogs. If these pups are also your favorite, in this dog57 article we'll talk about the top five of the smallest dog breeds out there. Read on to discover it.

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1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas weigh one or two kilograms and range in height from 15 to 20 centimeters. He is the most popular little dog ever and his ears are probably one of the most notable things about his little body. Despite their small size, they are very active dogs that love to run. Chihuahuas also require daily walks to burn off pent-up energy and enjoy long-distance running. Of course, check the optimal time they need to walk.

Although they are dogs that are known to have a bad sense of humor with people outside their circle, they are also very affectionate and playful dogs with their owners.

2. Small Greyhound or Italian Greyhound

While the greyhound is a fairly large dog, the small greyhound weighs less than 4 kilograms, measures around 30 centimeters, and is one of the most popular small dwarf dogs in Spain. Its appearance and behavior are practically similar to that of a large gray hound, albeit at a much smaller size. It stands out, as in the "big brother", its great speed, which can run up to about 40 kilometers per hour, and nobility.

3. Bichon Freeze

This little white man weighs no more than 2-4 kilograms, lifts no more than 20 centimeters off the ground, and his curly and luscious hair always makes him susceptible to being petted, caressed, and hugged. He is a family dog that loves to play and requires very special care for his hair and eyes to be 100% healthy.

4. Italian Maltese
The little name Bichon Frise is very similar in height and weight, although his hair is straight, long, and tangled. As with the frisé, it is a dog that everyone who sees it wants to be hugged and picked up because of its small size and cheerful appearance. Interestingly, its main use in antiquity was to hunt small mice on ships, as the Maltese could fit almost anywhere and could chase them. It is also a breed that requires special care for the hair, eyes and muzzle.

5. Small Schnauzer or Small Schnauzer

Like the grayhound, the small schnauzer is a dog similar to its older brother. They are about 35 cm in size and weight from 4 to 7 kg, although they tend to gain weight easily so you have to control their food. Their long beard and eyebrows make this dog one of the most expressive of all dog breeds they seem to always be alert.

Which of these small dog breeds is your favorite? Would you like us to include others in this article? We have a lot left, but without a doubt, these are 5 of the most popular and most watched all around. If you want us to add any of them or want to tell us about your experience with any of them, comment and we'll be happy to talk to you about it.


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