Why do dogs howl?


Howling dogs is the primary identity of our canine friends, as it bears a clear resemblance to wolves. Often we may not know why dogs howl but there are some common reasons for this reaction.

In this dog 57 articles, we detail the possible reasons behind howling dogs and when you should pay special attention to them. Read on! 

Attention call

Dogs over time and with human domestication have changed their appearance but not their substance. In other words, the howling of dogs is the primary identity of our canine friends, because it resembles wolves.

When a dog howls, he may be trying to get your attention in the same way he is trying to get your attention when he starts barking. This way, if your dog realizes that you will come to him every time he howls, it will become a habitual practice that is difficult to control.


How many times have you heard a dog howling while its dependents are not at home? This method of communication is common to some animals as excessive barking when left alone. It is a way for a dog to express their anxiety about being alone and separated from their caregiver.

Separation anxiety is a major problem for many pets in severe distress when their caregivers leave them alone to go to work, for example. This results in potentially destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture and objects or the dog spending all day barking and howling in an attempt to communicate with the absent caregiver.

Giving your dog the right toys to enjoy in your absence and taking him out for a walk and play at least twice a day is essential to reduce anxiety and give your pet the quality of life it deserves. Don't forget that dogs need activity to burn energy and be healthy, both physically and mentally. 

noise response

Have you ever noticed it when you hear sirens, dogs howl? This also happens with alarms and certain sounds that are loud or high pitched and is no coincidence. All because of the acute and sensitive hearing of these animals that can pick up frequencies that we humans cannot.

In the face of these very special sounds, it seems that the pet cannot do anything but respond or imitate these sounds. The researchers aren't clear why this happens, but they believe it's due to the way the animal interprets these auditory frequencies. 


Why do dogs constantly how? You may have been hit, fallen, or injured. In this way, your dog will likely be infected. In this case, it is important to go to the vet for an immediate review.

In the same way, if you discover that your dog is weak, apathetic, has stopped eating, or exhibits strange and unusual behavior that is also accompanied by howling, a medical examination is recommended to rule out any disease.


Another answer to the question of why howling dogs can be stressful. If our dog is howling, he likely needs to drain his energy through walking or physical exercise.

Our loyal friend must receive the indicated walking tours so that he maintains a physical and mental balance. This way we will prevent our dog from howling.


Sometimes, howling can be a way of indicating that they have found something. This way the dogs howl until they come to see what they found.

Thus, the finding is a possible reason why dogs howl. Plus, that wake-up call to go immediately and see what's going on is very common in canines.


Dogs may howl as they sense the presence of an unknown person. This is because he wants to get attention to tell you that the person is not familiar with him and he wants to tell you that.

On many occasions, dogs howl at a party with music, such as a family gathering. In this case, we should not be concerned because this behavior is common in our most loyal friends.

lack of care

If our dogs are not well taken care of, either due to lack of hygiene, lack of attention, or, for example, lack of exercise, they can howl.

Dogs can howl if they don't feel well taken care of, this is a way to get their handler's attention. In this way, we must make sure that she is receiving the necessary attention and care, as well as being alert to any indication that such


One of the main reasons dogs howl is to communicate with their flock or with other dogs, in the same way that wolves do.

It is a sound of warning in which he signals to other dogs that he is there and that this is his territory, but at the same time, it is an essential way to attract the attention of her flock, i.e. us, her guards. 

emotional state

Another reason your dog might howl is to express his emotional state. Meaning, your canine friend might want to show love and excitement by seeing you howl.

However, indeed, sometimes the mood may not be favorable, and they also show it by howling, because it is one of the ways of trying to communicate.
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