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Does your dog always sleep next to you? In the same room as yours? Or does he sleep between your legs? In any case, the reasons as to why this behavior is related to the type of relationship you established with him and the bond created. This way, the dog always sleeps with the person or people he appreciates the most, and if you are one of them, you should feel very lucky!

At dog57 we'll talk about feeling connected and explain why your dog is sleeping with you. Keep reading because you'll love the reasons! 

Why does my dog ​​want to sleep with me?

There are many reasons why your dog might sleep next to you, in your room, or on your pillow. However, they all come down to the attachment dogs can feel towards their parents. Yes, this relationship that we consider exclusive to humans also occurs with animals, especially those that have undergone a process of domestication, such as dogs and cats. Studies like his, the popular Ainsworth Test of Children were conducted with more than 50 dogs and their owners. , showed that the majority, who see themselves without their reference number, present behaviors typical of the attachment a child can feel with their parents.

Now that we know that your dog sleeps with you because he feels attached to you, we'll see in more detail what triggers this habit or behavior the most. 

The dog is a social animal

The first thing you need to understand to understand why your dog sleeps with you is that he is a social animal, a herd animal, sleeping in the wild in a pack. The dog is not a solitary animal, so this habit is "curious" in nature. If you live with more than one dog and they get along well, you must have noticed that they never sleep alone. Most of them either sleep with their humans or sleep together in the same bed or room. 

The dog wants to protect you

As we said in the previous section, a dog is a herd animal that monitors and cares for itself and communicates with it through its language. In this way, regardless of the rest of the reasons, sleeping together performs an important function: to protect each other.

Sleep is one of the moments in which we are most exposed and therefore most vulnerable. That's why many dogs prefer to sleep near or next to their humans to protect them in case something happens. This is the normal behavior of the species. If you suspect your dog likes to sleep with you because of this, but you don't want him to keep sleeping in the same bed, put his bed next to yours.

feeling safe

If your dog sleeps with you, it always means that you are conveying security and confidence. He is comfortable with you and sees that you are a reference figure to follow and who he can trust. Therefore, it is not surprising that in addition to sharing a moment of sleep with you, your dog follows you everywhere.

 Searching for heat


Dogs love to feel the heat, which is why many prefer sleeping with their skin and sitting under the sheet in the warmest part of the bed. And if your dog always sleeps next to you or on top of you, that could be the reason too! Likewise, if your dog is sleeping between your legs, it may be because he is precisely looking for that warmth.

We also see this search for heat during the day, when they lie down in areas of the house where the sun's rays penetrate. Of course, this behavior has other reasons not mentioned. 

Your bed is comfortable

Did you check his bed comfort? If it's not comfortable, it's natural for him to look for a more comfortable place to sleep, such as your bed, couch, or pillow. This way, if your dog is sleeping on your pillow, it's time to check his mattress!

For these cases, the most appropriate thing is to get a comfortable bed, put it next to your bed, and leave a blanket to make sure it has the warmth it needs.

He shows you his love

In short, if your dog sleeps with you, it means that he adores you. He loves to feel your warmth, feels safe with you, and wants to protect you and pass on all his love to you. Sleeping together is one of the greatest manifestations of love and also helps strengthen bonds. Although his bed is the most inconvenient in the world, if he doesn't love his humans or they don't impart security, the dog won't sleep with them. However, while the reasons why a dog sleeps with you or in your room are charming, are they that good? We explain it below. 

Is sleeping with my dog ​​bad?

Sleeping in the same bed usually can be positive for both as long as some general considerations are taken into account. For example, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene of the animal, especially after a walk. If we don't, all the dirt on their feet will be carried to our bed and us. We should give the same care to his hair, so we will have to comb it daily to control shedding, thus preventing our sheets from getting full with dead hair.

On the other hand, we should not ignore preventive medicine, as there are parasites that dogs can transmit to humans, such as fleas and ticks. In this way, we will have to deworm the animal by following the instructions of the vet to avoid the presence of these parasites.

Aside from hygiene, we must ask ourselves whether sleeping together really provides sufficient comfort for the animal and ourselves, because depending on the conditions and dimensions of the bed, it may not be the most recommended thing. Thus, if this is your case, you can always put the animal bed next to your bed so that your dog sleeps in the same room and feels safe and protected.

Now, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or excessive attachment, sleeping with your dog is not good because it reinforces this non-positive behavior for him. In these cases, it is necessary to go to a dog breeder or behavior specialist to address the underlying problem, as not sleeping together is not the only solution.

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