Menopause in dogs, does it exist?


 We often tend to compare a woman's sexual cycle to that of our companion animals, although these cycles have few similarities. In addition, in the specific case of female dogs, it is common to believe that at a certain age, menopause occurs, that is, the final cessation of their erotic cycles. But, does menopause exist in dogs?

If you want to know the answer to this question, we recommend that you join us in the following dog57 article, in which we will explain everything you need to know about the estrous cycle and menopause in female dogs.

How is the ruling on prostitutes?

It is common for us to associate menstruation in women with the temperature of female dogs, however, it is essential to clarify that these two processes are different.

Female primates, including humans, have a menstrual cycle in which the uterine mucosa is periodically regenerated to accommodate a potential fetus in the event of pregnancy. In women, menstruation or menstruation occurs at the end of the menstrual cycle to expel the remnants of the uterine lining if pregnancy does not occur. However, all other female mammals do not follow a menstrual cycle, but rather an estrus cycle.

Specifically, monocotyledonous bitches are non-seasonal, which means that they do not have consecutive cycles, but instead have about two cycles per year, with a long anal (rest) phase in between. Unlike in women, bleeding in female dogs occurs at the beginning of the cycle, before ovulation, and occurs regardless of whether or not pregnancy will occur.

Next, we will briefly summarize the stages of the demonic cycle of bitches:

Proestrus: This stage lasts about 9 days, during which follicular growth occurs in the ovaries. During this stage when bleeding occurs, it is characteristic that the bitch attracts the male but does not allow herself to ride. In addition to a bloody vaginal discharge, it is common for the vulva to become swollen and swollen and for the bitch to urinate frequently to mark the area with pheromones.

Estrus: It also lasts about 9 days. Ovulation occurs at this stage, which is why it is considered the fertile period. During this period, the bitch has a positive reaction to the situation, tilts her tail, and accepts the fixation. In addition, it is common for vulvar swelling to decrease and vaginal discharge to become cleaner and less bleeding.

Methaestrus: In this stage, the development of the corpus luteum begins in the ovary.

Right hand: This is the period during which the corpus luteum remains active until the end of pregnancy or, in the absence of pregnancy, until the bitch enters anoestrus (reproductive rest period). During this stage, there are no external anatomical signs and no behavior signs.

Do female dogs suffer from menopause?

In women, menopause is the physiological period in which the final cessation of menstruation occurs. However, in female dogs, this period does not exist as such, since it is normal for her to continue cycling throughout her life.

Can a 12-year-old dog get pregnant? The truth is yes because your reproductive system continues to rotate periodically. However, we should know that after 5 years of age, there is a decrease in the rate of pregnancy and reproduction, with an increase in miscarriages and congenital malformations. Therefore, although pregnancy is possible, it is less likely.

In addition, it is important to note that although there is no obvious menopause in female dogs, ovarian degeneration usually occurs after 10-12 years of age, making it more common for older dogs to have more irregular cycles, With shorter heat and longer periods between temperatures.

At what age do dogs lose heat?

When menstruation stops in female dogs is a common question among caregivers of older females. However, as we saw in the previous section, female dogs are not affected by menopause, but rather have the ability to cycle throughout their lives. For this reason, if your dog has not been neutered and at any point in his life stops showing heat, you must go to a trusted vet so he can assess his reproductive system and rule out possible diseases that might prevent him from doing so. Breeding cycles occur naturally.

If all is well, the same professional will tell you that it is normal for your bitch to have irregular cycles during old age.

How long can a dog carry?

A dog can carry almost its entire life, but as it ages, the chances of a successful pregnancy decrease more and more.

Since it can happen in any cycle, how do you know when you can get pregnant? Bleeding in bitches occurs during the pre-ejaculation phase. In this period, the females either ignore the males or attract them but do not allow themselves to ride. In addition, ovulation has not yet occurred at this stage, so the bitches are not in the reproductive stage, and the chances of pregnancy are almost non-existent. However, once the estrus stage begins, the females embrace and accept it. At this point when females are already fertile, vaginal discharge becomes cleaner, but in some cases, it can still be somewhat bleeding. Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy in bitches with bloody discharge cannot be excluded, as it may already be during the fertile period.
In summary, we can conclude that during the first days of bleeding, the chances of pregnancy are very low for two reasons: the female is not receptive and ovulation has not yet occurred. However, after several days of bleeding, pregnancy is possible if mating occurs, as females may already have reached the stage of estrus, that is, the fertile period.

However, dog57 recommends that the dog's spay be evaluated as soon as possible, to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to prevent the development of diseases related to the reproductive system. Now that you know that menopause in dogs does not exist,

This article is informational only, at we do not have the authority to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in case he is under any type of condition or discomfort.

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