10 things dogs hate about people


 As in all relationships, there are usually misunderstandings between dogs and humans, although some of them go unnoticed. To avoid these problems with your loyal friend, ask yourself questions. For example, you should know how dogs think, their basic physical and mental needs, and the things that usually bother them.

In this dog57 article, discover 10 things dogs hate about humans so you can improve your relationship with your dog, and enjoy a quality relationship like never before. 

1. Loud noises and smells

Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, cars, firecrackers, sneezing, coughing, or anything we drop and make a lot of noise, any loud noise that disturbs and scares dogs. This is natural because they have exceptional hearing that allows them to hear sounds that escape us, moreover, they also have a more sensitive perception of vibrations than ours. Therefore, any noise that can disturb you will certainly terrify your dog. Some dogs have grown up perceiving loud noises from puppies and are used to it, so they are not afraid, but it is true that most of them are afraid and hate it.

Dogs are also sensitive to the problem of strong odors. Like their sense of hearing, their sense of smell is thousands of times stronger than that of humans. Because of this, any scent that seems strong to you seems annoying to your dog. It is true that if the smell of food does not bother them too much, they will immediately ask us to share the delicious aroma with them. But imagine the smells of chemicals, personal hygiene, and house cleaning. It's very strong scents that irritate a furry's nose, so she easily tells us to sneeze and go somewhere else.

We should try not to frighten our dogs with loud noises whenever we can avoid them or try to get them used to it. You should also avoid using products with strong odors in the presence of your dog and ventilate the area well before entering it.

2. Talk a lot and don't use our body language

We often talk to our dog and that's fine, but if we do it excessively or if we talk at the same time, we don't use gestures and short words that a dog can learn and associate with something, we won't do anything other than confuse our friend. You will not understand what we are saying and eventually, you will become nervous. They prefer that you communicate with your body language, and if you use words or sounds, it is best that they be few and that they are able to learn as they are being trained and educated as puppies.

It is true that dogs understand basic human emotions, but they do so through the body language and tone of voice we use. They certainly do not understand our full verbal language, only those basic words that we teach them. So our talking a lot and not using our body language confuses them a lot. We must try to learn how to talk to our dog and how to communicate with him with our body. Take a test, and go an entire day without saying a word to your dog. Just nod, without exaggeration, and try to communicate with body language. Although you can use a sound like a whistle, try not to utter a single word, and you will see that you communicate perfectly and that your loyal friend is much more relaxed.

3. Our negative energy and that we scold them without understanding why

It may be that when we are in a bad mood or when we get angry at our dog for doing something we don't like, we pass on that anger and negativity to him as we would in principle do to another person. As mentioned before, dogs do not understand what we are shouting at, and most of the time they do not understand why we are doing it either. It is clear that it is something that bothers them a lot, they feel bad, they receive negative energy and they don't even know why.

We have to learn to avoid common mistakes when scolding a dog. One of them is to do it without being able to understand why, it has been a long time coming and the other is to be aggressive. There are more effective ways to make you understand each other better and continue to enjoy each other.

4. Lack of structure

Dogs like to have a routine, even if we change it so that it doesn't become too boring, and they like to have structure because they feel more secure and calm. A disorganized dog, without a minimum of basic training, will end up becoming an unhappy dog, because he will have fears and misunderstandings with the family and with other dogs or animals. This is why another thing dogs don't like is the lack of structure in their family.

This structure and learning should cover different aspects, from leading the group to walking and food, among others. For this, it would be best to first orient ourselves well on the appropriate training for our dog.

5. Stare into their eyes, hold their faces, and pat their heads

Dogs really don't like us staring into their eyes at all. If you've ever done this, you'll notice that they avert their gaze when we do this, but you might have caught one staring at you longer and might even have growled at you. The prolonged eye contact of the canines is tantamount to challenging each other, so if one looks away he becomes submissive, and alternatively if he is held and the other pulls he will be the dominant one. It is dangerous to do this with dogs that we do not know, as they may become aggressive. It's one thing for eyes to meet and another thing for you to challenge, so try not to look at a dog for a static look as it can annoy them a lot.

Also, other things we do a lot are grabbing her by the face to hug her and pat her on the head. This is wrong because they don't take it very well. The fact that we're holding them by the face makes them feel trapped, and they feel trapped because they think it's something they don't do to each other. Pins or taps bother them and can do some damage. They understand that the hand above them is dominant, if you also hit them on the head, it worries them a lot. These are very natural gestures for us, but for her, they have different meanings, so we should not try to do this. If you want to approach a dog to say hello, it is best to approach a little from the side, without staring at him, and extend your hand a little to allow him to sniff you and get to know you, as soon as he kisses you you can. Pets.

6. Excessive hugging and kissing

There are many things that are natural to us and that we love to do, like cuddling and giving our fur lots of kisses, but they don't explain everything like us. Dogs don't hug or kiss as we do. For them, constantly cuddling and kissing is very confusing.

On the one hand, squawking at them by cuddling and putting their feet on another means that you want to establish your dominance, and they can consider it a game but to a point. Although there are very affectionate and submissive dogs that accept hugs, most of them do not tolerate it very much. On the other hand, our kisses are like licking them and licking them for many reasons, one of which is when they want to show submission, so sometimes when we kiss they understand that we are submissive. Therefore, we send them mixed signals which destabilizes them and makes them feel uncomfortable.

So, it's okay to cuddle and kiss them, but be careful not to overdo it and pay attention to the signals your dog is sending you, such as licking his lips a lot, getting nervous, throwing his ears back, and yawning. Or even showing his ears, his teeth, and things that show he's not at all comfortable with the situation.

7. Not using the steering wheel well and walking fast

Commonly, there are things we do wrong when we walk our dog, but we have to learn to correct them if we want to enjoy a walk and not make our fur feel bad. Sometimes we keep the leash tight, tug on him constantly, don't let him sniff his surroundings, etc. Also, many times we've only been walking for a few minutes and we're in a hurry to get somewhere or to finish walking.

Not using the leash well and rushing while walking is something our dog doesn't enjoy. He needs plenty of time to explore his environment and interact with others. He'll want to sniff, stop to relieve himself, and play with others, that's normal. We must be aware of the basic needs of our dog and learn how to use the leash well and take quiet walks that he can enjoy.

8. I wear them unnecessarily

Of course, if it is very cold or we need to cover any part of our dog's body due to an injury or problem, wearing a jacket or special clothes for them, even special shoes, is fine and in these cases recommended. What our loyal friends, or at least most of them, can't stand is that we dress them up for no reason or simply with things that are decorative and not functional at all. They don't feel comfortable if they can't walk properly or if they're wearing something they can't take off when they want to. Some learn to put up with it, but many don't understand why someone would approach them so much, stare at them or even laugh at them, even if it's affectionate for us, they don't understand it, they just realize that they're getting too much attention and they get nervous. They even feel that other dogs don't dare approach them, which is perfectly normal but causes them disapproval and thus, in the long run, emotional discomfort.

Think your dog is not a human, try not to humanize it as that will only lead to imbalances and problems. Dress him as necessary with appropriate clothing.

9. Clean it often

For us, it is normal for us to clean ourselves every day, but for dogs, it is not. They keep themselves clean in their way, they need their body scent to communicate with others. So if we clean them a lot, we're not doing them any favors. One thing is that if it gets very dirty, we clean it, and quite another is that we bathe it every two or three with a shampoo with a scent we like and perfume it. This does not apply to them, they like to smell themselves and they can be disturbed by the strong scents of products that we use a lot, as already mentioned.

It's a good idea to bathe our dog at home or the kennel from time to time, but we can't do it too often because in addition to the fact that they need their scent to communicate well, we will be damaging the natural protective layers of the skin and we can end up causing some problems. health. We can clean it up yes, but without going over ourselves.

10. Being boring or absent

Dogs can't stand being bored, they want to do things and share their time with you. So they don't like anything that you ignore and that you are boring. Of course, they hate it when you're away, they never know when or if you'll come back, hence their great joy when you come back even if they don't see you for just a few minutes. But the worst for them is, without a doubt, when their true human partner never returns. The worst that can happen to them is that we abandon them, they will never understand why and it is hard for them to move on.

You know now, don't be bored and do a lot of things with your faithful companion, also try to be absent as little time as possible, but above all, never give up on him.


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