Symptoms that indicate the death of a dog


 Death is not an easy thing to accept, however, as it is a process that all living things, even the longest-lived, go through. If you have a dog that is elderly, ill or has unusual symptoms around you and you suspect that he may be on the verge of death, you may be interested in reading this article from DOG57, in which we will show you 11 symptoms that indicate a dog. will die. _

Do not forget that given the signs that we are going to show you below, it will be necessary to go to the veterinarian, either to receive a diagnosis, advice on care, or assistance from a professional, if the animal requires it. If you are wondering what symptoms dogs display when they are about to die, today we will show you. Do not miss it! 

1. He doesn't want to go out

One of the things that dogs do when they are about to die is that over time, in the case of elderly dogs, they reduce their level of physical activity and sometimes stop wanting to go out as much as before. However, if your dog has yet to want to go for a walk and begins to refuse this routine, you should start to suspect that something is wrong.

Of course, the fact that your dog does not want to go for a walk does not mean that he is about to die, it may be a psychological load or an illness that causes him to feel weak and not want to go for a walk.

2. Displays abnormal behavior

Sick or dying animals exhibit abnormal behaviors that can help us recognize the condition. We can start to notice behavioral problems related to their mood, such as fears, aggressive behaviors, or abnormal movements. Another symptom that indicates the death of the dog in these cases is that we notice enuresis, vomiting, diarrhea, or other disorders.

3. Vital signs have changed

Among the various signs that the dog is dying, we find a change in the vital signs. Dehydration, excessive panting, or an abnormal temperature can indicate that something is wrong.

We explain what are the vital signs of a healthy dog:

Body temperature: between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.

Respiratory rate in dogs: Between 10 and 30 breaths per minute (RPM).

Heart rate in dogs: 90 to 140 bpm for small dogs, 70 to 110 bpm for medium dogs, and 60 to 90 bpm for large dogs. Values that indicate the constants of the dog when at rest.

Capillary Refill Time: The capillary refill time can be determined by gently pressing the dog's mucous membranes. How long it takes to restore the natural color should be analyzed. Pressure is generally applied to the oral mucous membranes (gums) and the time should be less than 2 seconds.

In any case, a change in the dog's vital signs indicates that you should go to the vet immediately.

4. He does not want to eat or drink water

Appetite is an unmistakable sign that a dog is healthy, so if our best friend starts refusing his food and even his favorite portions of wet food, we should be suspicious. It may also happen that he stops drinking water and we have to force him to hydrate.

As a result of the lack of water and food intake, we will begin to notice that the dog vomits bile and that its organs begin to fail, causing pain and rejection towards us and discomfort to the dog.

5. He hardly wants to move

If you see your dog lethargic in a corner of the house and he is also showing all of the symptoms we listed above, your dog may be on the verge of death. This is a very delicate moment, which is why we advise you to provide him with a comfortable place to rest, and a pleasant atmosphere, and pay close attention to him at all times. It is important to feel accompanied.

Keep reading for other symptoms that indicate a dog is dying so you can get more information on the subject.

6. You have incontinence problems

One of the most common symptoms of dog death is enuresis, especially in elderly dogs, although it may also be due to other causes or factors that trigger it. Over time, the muscles surrounding the urinary system weaken, and the control of the nervous system also weakens. In this way, it is difficult for the dog to fully control his body, which manifests itself in enuresis or problems with urination.

7. He vomits

Are there more things a dog can do before it dies? As mentioned before, one of the things that dogs do when they are dying is not eating the full portion they should. At this point, we can also find that the dog cannot digest the food properly, so it ends up vomiting. In turn, vomiting will end up bringing the dog into a state of dehydration that can endanger his life, in addition to making him extremely weak.

It should be noted that how to find out if my dog \u200b\u200bwill dies from vomiting is a rather risky conclusion because vomiting in dogs can be triggered by various reasons. In this case, we must realize whether the vomiting that we notice is continuous and repeated after we have finished eating because this is because the amount of food cannot be maintained in the stomach.

8. Abnormal breathing appears

Another symptom of an elderly dog before he dies, or simply a dog who is likely to die, is an abnormal respiratory rate. This is why veterinarians always stress the importance of paying attention to any anomalies in the behavior of our furries.

How to tell if my dog is going to die can be obvious if we see that he is coughing and breathing abnormally, it is most likely due to an imbalance in his body, which can translate into puddles of alveoli due to the fluid being produced.

9. Show dependency

At the beginning of this article about the symptoms of a dog that is going to die, we mentioned the change in behavior with aggression or indifference, and another thing that dogs do when they are about to die is to show dependent behavior towards them. Guardians.

This means that the behavior of dogs before they die is modified in such an intense way that we can become aware of how our dog needs us to pet him all the time or that we pay attention to him.

It's not strange behavior, but it makes perfect sense because all of his life you've been the one who's led him and you're also the one he trusts the most. Studies are still underway to confirm that what dogs think before they die is related to the image and perception of their guardian.

10. It changes the color of the gums

What else can we remember to help us know when a dog is dying? One aspect that we can recognize is the color of the gums. If we see that our dog has gray or white gums, this could be a symptom of an underlying disease that can lead to death.

This lack of pigmentation is caused by a lack of blood in the organs and can be caused by various causes, including anemia, low blood pressure, and internal bleeding, for example.

11. You may have seizures

Due to increased abnormal electrical activity in our dog's brain, seizures can occur. It is one of the things that a dog does unconsciously and involuntarily before it dies because it has no control over its body. These seizures can be triggered by some poisoning, brain tumors, or even drug abuse. If you find yourself in this situation, get to the vet urgently so he can help you.

What do you do if the dog is dying?

Although we humans have yet to find out if dogs know they are going to die, we are aware of the situation that is being created. If you suspect your dog is dying and also shows all or any of the signs we have mentioned throughout the article, do not hesitate and quickly contact your trusted veterinarian. Although these symptoms may indicate that your dog is close to death, they are also symptoms of various illnesses and diseases, so only your vet can determine what it is.

In addition, the specialist will help you make the best decision. You must remember that in some cases, such as when an animal is in a lot of pain, euthanasia should be considered for the sole purpose of relieving pain.

If he considers that this is not an option in your case, it will also help you to provide the best care for him to end his life with dignity and with those he loves most. You may need to help him feed, drink, and even urinate somewhere in the house.

What do you do if a dog dies?

The death of a dog is one of the saddest and most painful moments for any owner. He must decide what to do with the animal's body.

If the dog dies in the veterinary office, the professional will likely suggest cremation of the dog, either alone or with other bodies of deceased dogs. If your dog dies at home, you can contact your vet to follow the same process, but you can also contact an animal funeral home, which is usually a cheaper option.

Later, do not forget that you must remove the dog from the animal registry in your country.

And then...

Is it possible to get over the death of a pet? It is a long journey that takes time, acceptance, and a stage of mourning. Although not many people can fathom it, the truth is that dogs and humans create very strong bonds, even more so than they could be with another human being.

What we can recommend is that once you are ready to have an animal with you again, you adopt a dog that needs it. An animal abandoned from a shelter, shelter, and even from the street.

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